Tuesday, March 13, 2012

michael's slacks

 i have seen you at several events over the years, and you always look dapper. yeah i said dapper, and the dude you interviewed about the slovenly dressed says, slacks. (www.smerconish.com)
michael! your bubble is showing!
people in the bubble wear slacks, have cocktails, and pull on a slicker when it rains.
we the unbubbled, put on our pants, grab a hidden acme bag from the backseat to cover our heads as we dash into the bar to grab a beer.

and now you threaten to abandon jeans altogether?
would rather wear slacks
look, george michael says, "sometimes the clothes do not make the man."
1:41 mark
virgil said -Trust not too much to appearances.

jeans = happiness

jeans are sexy

small robots wear khakis

 dr. charles murray suggests it is the "haves" that must lead the way to leveling the playing field for the "haven'ts". while i have little hope for this, i do remain hopeful you will forget all about your khaki-only diet and slide on a pair of jeans every once in a while.
living outside the bubble isn't so bad, michael.    

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