Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hardballs, hardheads, and hardtruths

having a hard day

smerconish spent the week auditioning for chris matthews' 'hardball' slot all last week. i am only bothered by this because smerc is a bit less smerckish and a little more rockefeller center.
i refuse to go so far to say smerc is anything at all like matthews. smerc doesn't spit when he goes off on a 3-minute question rant and he doesn't rant for 3 minutes, so it's a win win for his guests.
i hope smerc eventually gets the gig.

smerc allows his guest answer questions; matthews asks his guests questions, but somewhere along the line matthews decides he is going to answer the question too, leaving guests like mother jones', david korn, chewing the insides of his cheeks.
ugh, smerc is nothing like chris matthews, but nothing quite like smerc either.

my pet turtle, arlen specter
i was elated to think he would be back in philly on monday, and tuned
in to hear  a 'best of smerconish' repeater edition of arlen specter pimping that gawd-awful book of his.
nineteen fucking words in the title!
only specter.
and gawd damned chris matthew's stupid assed vacation too!

when i arrived home from my appointment with the worlds greatest chiropractor on the face of the earth, i woke up my laptop and there to my surprise, was the real smerc on wpht!
yay! sybil out, smerconish in.
around 6 pm-ish, the topic centered around the trayvon martin shooting in sanford, florida. once again, smerc's mainliner zip code (also known as- the new elites' blanket of protection from real human beings) leaves him pondering, "are people really taking sides already and deciding guilt or innocence before zimmerman is even charged?"
michael michael michael.
charles murray is correct.
there are zip codes in cities full of fine people... - i'm making no judgements.
none that i'm admitting to right now anyway.
i'll continue.....fine people with lovely manners and worthy-of-praise socialization skills, and free-range access to crane stationary and mont blanc fountain pens.
and these people, fine as y'all are, participate in the real planet earth as naturally and as often as the gop's favorite gaffer- mitt romney.
as white trailer trash (because i took murray's test, and i know both jimmys) i am left to enlighten you smerc, to real human thoughts on the trayvon martin shooting.
buckle yourself up, in that fine jag-u-are of yours; i'm taking you for a ride through the www philly burbs:

from cnn facebook thread:
Tina MH This Is So HeartBreaking A Young Boy 17yrs old,Just buying Tea &Candy! SMH...We ALL KnoW If The KiLLeR WaS Black & The ChilD Was White! NO WaY WouLD He Be STILL Walking ArounD W/ThaT GUN!-Racism IS SO OUT HERE It'S INJUSTICE!! SO SHAMEFULL!!! CARMA Is SOMETHING!!
9 minutes ago · Like · 1 (props to carma with a 'c'!)
MikeR wearing a hoodie when its not cold or raining is a sure sign you arent up to anything good.
about an hour ago · Like
SandraT Just like when I got profiled for being a skinny white girl ... I must be in this neighborhood for drugs. If I were slovenly ... it wouldnt have happened. If I were black or Mexican it wouldnt have happened. I was targeted because I am skinny and white. But that isn't racism?? OK ... I forgot only black people are victims. All other nationalities are not ever discriminated against. It is bullshit and it pisses me off
3 hours ago · Like · 1
If a white kid was killed the shooter no matter the race would be in jail and the trial date would be set.
DanP You can tell the racists by their outrage at people demanding justice in this case.
Just Sayin
8 minutes ago · Like
TavorisS Why hasn't anything been said about the SHOOTINGS N TULSA I guess don't wanna end up TALKING about BLACK WALL STREET & showing what WHITE PPL R CAPABLE 3 hours ago ·
GlenC.M. John C, Republicans want to see one big plantation!
2 hours ago · · 4 (notice this shit get's 4 thumbs up!)
from ms facebook wall:
Billy Mulligan By the way. Truth is not hate speech. Obama is an Affirmative Action President.. Trayvon was trespassing on private property, when trespass you take the risk of being shot. Sandra Fluck is a slut. She allowed herself to be used by the left like a slut.. Truth is not hate speech.. Now me I use hate speech because I absolutely abhor the Left and Democrats as a whole
11 hours ago · · 2 (billy contributes some freakin' doozies, lemmetellya! billy makes facebook ed look like milquetoast!)
i know, it's depressing, isn't it?
hey, mr.bubble?
yeah mr. smerconish, you are indeed a resident in the charles murray bubble of the unincluded.
it seems the real world, which IS facebook, has bee completely divided into 2 camps:
zimmerman's camp guilty
trayvon's camp of justice

you and i are among a select few who have put on earmuffs to a media hellbent on stirring a racepot that rivals charles manson's intention to start a race war between blacks and whites in 1969.
during the woodstock era, manson used drugs and his notorious cult appeal as a means to his desired end.
in 2012, we have the mainstream media.

stick to your legal gut instincts, and keep the earmuffs on.
stay comfortably in the mainline bubble, and i will keep you informed of what the real people do.

the april 8th announcement of smerconish's move into rush limbaughs' noon-three timeslot on 1210 wpht leads me to believe, smerc is gonna get the hardball job!

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