Monday, March 12, 2012

the reincarnation of smerconish

i have decided to resurrect this blog. i do shit like this regularly as a result of an alleged deficit disorder - a huge misnomer in my opinion.
one man's disorder is my portal into a universe according to me.
that being said, i hope to establish a place for dialogue between smerc lovers and smerc haters.
it's going to get bumpy like a jalopy.


  1. Smearconish is the biggest phoney on radio. He says he is independent but refuses to discuss news that makes obama look bad. He will talk about the smallest gaffs that Romney makes but ignore the biggest ones Obama makes. He is aphoney because you can tell he knowes obama is a bad president but try's to cover for him hoping to get a full tiime gig on msnbc. He is obviously for Obama because that's wear the money is for himself. He thinks. What an idiot.

  2. Totally agree. I'm a "registered" independent who voted for Obama in the last election. Although his big ego got to me at times, I used to love the Smerconish show for the choice of topics and the humor. What really gripes me now is how sneakily biased is the choice of topics covered and the subtle spin. Mike is a lawyer, and knows how to play the audience. Come on, Mike, be more upfront and stop pretending to be "fair". A Republican victory would definitely not be good for you and the trial lawyer industry, would it?