Wednesday, March 14, 2012

no! facebook ed cannot be right!!

over the years my life has changed with as much regularity as yours, mr. smerconish.
now, i am completely thrilled with your very well-deserved success, altho i do wonder how you balance every freaking thing you do with the next thing? i could never be you, you are far too, too busy.
and i have great, long hair.
while your star is rising, mine sunk. i am now among the working non-masses and you went and changed the hours of your program and i am forced to:
1. pay for podcasts that i see absolutely NO reason to charge for. you are always working, i am always broke, and i just don't believe EVERYTHING needs to turn a profit.
2. listen to bits and pieces of your program during a 30 minute unpaid break, a 15 minute paid break, and whatever free shit i get from
which could include the podcast for free. just sayin'.
i let out a sigh of relief when you FINALLY acquiesced to the caller that suggested the voter id issue could be to suppress specific voters from voting, but would also be to address the appearance of or practice of fraud.
this is my shocked-face

"o m g, no!!! michael smerconish cannot possibly believe that this is happening ONLY because obama is black. no! this is unacceptable. that is some stupid thing ed schultz says!" rather than have a melt-down, i did my own research on the topic and this is what i know:

for lovers and vaginal probers

in 1999, virginia gov.jim gilmore, (r) introduced a voter id law that was subsequently struck down.
results of the election of 2000, saw a surge in states seeking voter i.d. laws of their own.

in 2002, bush signed the help america vote act into law, which required all first-time voters in federal elections to show photo or non-photo id upon either registration or arrival at the polling place.
 by 2003, the first voter id laws were being signed across the states, and by 2011, 30 states had voter id laws on the books.

i am so glad you came to your 40% of your senses and agreed this could not possibly be solely voter suppression.
i forgive you the schultzism. i understand, you work amongst them.
but if i ever see you with blueberry pie on your face, we are finished!!

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