Saturday, April 7, 2012

cmk's week in review
saturday, april 7, 2012
A military board has recommended dismissal for a Marine sergeant who criticized President Obama on his Facebook page, including allegedly putting the president’s face on a “Jackass” movie poster.  The Marine Corps administrative board said after a daylong hearing late Thursday at Camp Pendleton that Sgt. Gary Stein has committed misconduct and should be dismissed.  Click here for USA Today coverage.

answer: yes. he's an idiot. however, i am grateful for his service to the country up to and until the moment he became an idiot.

smerc sat in for chris matthews all week. i am never sure whether i am hearing a smerc opinion or a matthew's opinion, but i am sure there is less spittle involved.

smerc defends roof racks for puppies-

inspires listeners with-

abbotts' book can be purchased from real human beings at your local barnes and noble. amazon is for robots. thank you.

offers more sandusky smut-

and, pisses off the facebook snarks ('scuse you?)-

Kyran: Yawn.

Dan: Mike's stance on politics is "I fell in love with Obama in 2008 and have stuck my foot too far into my mouth to pull it out with any credibility remaining". Not exactly admirable stuff...

Ed: It's sickening to watch them let "Reverend" Al run that network in between rabble rousing. Oh and Smerconish is still a giant phony. That was quite a feat he pulled for 8 years; posing as a conservative guy, having friendly on air chats with Santorum, visiting the troops overseas, having Rumsfeld on for interviews, always a good word for George W. Bravo sir! Shakespeare himself would have been taken in by your performance!
April 3 at 5:47pm ·

ed is very dissatisfied with your behavior. daily. hourly.
and let me finish this morning with this-

smerc, you need to stop this and stop it now!
asking "why is mitt romney avoiding the religion issue?" is like asking,
"why should a pedophile stay away from the playground?".
romney hopes his participation in his faith will earn him a monarchy on a planet in galaxy far, far away- restaurant at the end of the universe far. do you seriously believe romney is going to entertain this discussion, much less broach it for josephsmithsakes?
stop it.
and that is all. goodbye.

p.s. what in sam's hell is around mr. lucy's neck? is it a little lunch box? omg! you don't zap mr. lucy with electricity, do you? oh, smerc. first seamus, and now this. you are so fucked with peta. they'll be watching out for a jag-u-are (not jag wire) with a puppy crate on it's roof.


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  2. Smerconish was probably moved to the 12-3PM slot in Philadelphia because of his propensity to discuss pedophilia, teacher-student and other teen scandals. With the Sandusky trial in full display, Smerconish was perfect to discuss the matter having opposing and supporting views being that he is both a lawyer and a creep.

  3. this man a first class phony when he seen thet obama was going to win he was mister middle i will bet if the polls start to go the way of the gop so will mickey.for years he was kissing spectors butt then obama butt he will do or say for his own good