Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hot old lady in love park

i left love park's candlelight vigil for trayvon martin a few minutes ahead of the peaceful crowd. those who could stand plummeting temps and winds that literally blew me down the sidewalk two times, went on to occupy something in philly, while i briskly walked to my illegally parked jeep.
i peed for a second time at the krispy kreme on chestnut, plucked a parking ticket off my windshield, (philadelphia parking kiosks only take quarters while my camera bag was filled with nickles and dimes), and headed toward the art museum. i made my way on to a user-friendly schyulkill- this means i am headed west leaving the city after 7 p.m. est.
the schyulkill is always friendly when you're leaving.

too late for smerc, i tuned into wpht http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/station/talk-radio-1210/   
and hung out with gary arnell for a chill drive home.
arnell's guest, jenice armstrong, columnist for the philadelphia daily news, was reporting live from ground-zero, love park. seemingly surprised by the small number gathering for the candlelight vigil, http://www.philly.com/philly/gallery/Trayvon_Martin_vigil_at_Love_Park.html?viewGallery=y ms. armstrong seemed even more perplexed by the national attention the death of trayvon martin was receiving. 
i listened further as ms. armstong recounted philly murders in recent past, that, according to her garnered no attention whatsoever, posing the question, "where was the outrage over these murders?".
in a column, posted 3/26/2012
armstrong highlights 4 recent philadelphia homicides near or around the gunning-down of trayvon martin and in conclusion states, " Not to take as much as a Skittle away from Trayvon, but aren't these people's untimely deaths worth our getting worked up about as well?"
answer: of course they are! and what did you do about them, jenice? and your job doesn't count.  

trayvon martin's murder has received attention that eluded our fellow philadelphians for one reason and one reason only-
al sharpton.

did anyone in philadelphia call al blueberrypie sharpton?
i am pretty sure sharpton works a lot like batman, and requires at the very least a phone call, if not a shaft-like help-us-hologram in the sky.
i find the naivete in your question, well, weird at it's least.
the civil rights movement gave birth to the much needed organization and representation for a very underrepresented group of americans.
whites had always been above and beyond represented in every possible constitutional way, and had no need for such organization. and imagine in 2012 if there was a national association for the advancement of white people.
it was never needed, nor would it be tolerated.
young black men are murdered at an outrageous, disproportionate rate every, single day in this country. 
as a journalist, but more importantly as a black female journalist who, i am assuming lives in or at least near philadelphia, i ask you this: 
 how do you not know yourself what to do to draw attention to your hometown - which currently places 1st for homicide rates in 2012?
the world's perfect puppy, lucy

i am an aarp card holding woman in the suburbs of philly and i know who to call. when my puppy, lucy, hears al on msnbc recalling his pie-thieving days in brooklyn, she growls. even my dog knows - call al sharpton!
nothing brings the racial tension to the table like al.
no one can spin the murder of a young man by a gun wielding security officer into a racial frenzy, like al.

now, if sharpton were not such a self-promoting opportunist, i would applaud and encourage his participation in every homicide in every city across this great nation.
the problem with al is, he forgets why he is there and only sees the color of one's skin. i just find that odd from a man who quotes dr. martin luther king.
sharpton should have term limits, much like our congress should have term limits. out with the old, in with new.
sharpton, like his fellow sexagenarians, are antiques to the system. sharpton wants to march in a world that needs less and less marching. 
not exactly stealth

if al could fly to florida, stir up some shit and then fly back to his rockefeller center office in new york, new york, hop in his corporate limo, and get back to his day job at msnbc, that would be great. but al can't do that. al needs to be the story; needs to be the show; he just can't walk out of the limelight.
we need a navy seal-type who slips in under the tv camera radar, wreaks all sorts of havoc, then slips out as stealthly as he came.
mission accomplished, bin laden is dead, claps hands together and that's that.
last night i stood among fellow philadelphians where i saw some angry, some sad, some determined, some militant humans meld together; i saw folks i thought probably had some money in their pockets and some i knew did not. i saw old and young, human and canine.  i listened, i participated, and i then i drove home.

that's what i did, jenice. my job is working in a bookstore. my obligation as a human being was to choose to be in love park.
reporting the news is one thing.
being the news is another.

no more division, please.

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