Thursday, March 29, 2012

zimmerman man-fans

the more the better. i think.

i had the unfortunate benefit of listening to wednesday's smerc callers addressing the trayvon martin case, and for the most part i have drawn the sad conclusion, we still need the al sharptons to shine a great, big spotlight on injustice, if not but for weeding out  bigots and idiots.
as if bigot and idiot are separate. 
*many of whom listen to the show.
i still say, we give al his walking papers and send him on his merry way to his msnbc gig, 'politics nation', and we all know even al scratches his james-brown-head and asks himself, "how in god's hell did i pull this one off?" i know al sharpton has some naughty karma comin', i just don't know when.

as a replacement i suggest harold ford, jr. because i like him. i like lenny kravitz, too.
and on the hot scale, while ford isn't awful on the eyes, kravitz is so easy he's practically skanky.

one point i keep hearing over and over again is the image portrayed by the media of trayvon martin, represents someone younger and smaller than the 17 year old shot dead by george zimmerman. it was suggested he looked 14, and the photographs used were judged to be unrepresentative of the hulking, menacing kid on purpose!

as the mother of 4 children i am going to explain something to you people who have never been placed in charge of memorializing your branch of the family tree. let me further say in my defense, i never asked for this job because i completely, absolutely suck at keeping track of anything smaller than a child.

when my children were all young, i could go pick one up, put it on the couch, and take photos of it until i ran out of film with rare objection. i stood on many-a-sideline screaming and hooting and hollering about my sport-child, snapping photos in between hoots.
there comes a point, when the child begins to whine and moan and groan at you on a fairly regular basis, and asking them to pose for a picture only gives them one more thing to bitch about, so screw that.
i still find it a lil hypocritical when i creep on their fb pages
and see photo after ph/scratch that, album after album of them posing for someone else and doing utterly stupid shit; obviously i am meant to take this personally, so i have, and i'm done photographing my children.
add a.d.d. to that and you have my filing system.
i do not have one album.
all my photos are in a box in a closet i can see from where i am currently sitting.

i tell you all of this because of the hypothetical i will now pose:
my child doesn't come home one night. at some point my child will be deemed legally missing and i can notify the police.
i am probably in a panic when the police request a recent photograph of my missing child.
i run to my box of photographs and grab the first photo i come to that most closely resembles my missing child.
i would not stop to make sure the photo was from his junior year, out of a uniform of some sort, or was particularly as tall or as heavy as my child.
i would hand it over to the police and say, "this is the best one i have right now. please use this and when i am finished with this meltdown, i will get you a more current photo."

the 1210 sleuth-set has it all figured out, with little if anything of a factual nature to consider. beyond trayvon martin's death as the result of being shot by george zimmerman  everything that follows  is conjecture or verbal accounts from witnesses i don't know from rocks. i heard more reasons for zimmerman to shoot-on-sight than i wanted to hear and it left me very depressed.
and then i realized al might hang around longer, which was even more depressing a thought.

i just want to let you know why moms don't always have just the right picture, and i have debunked one bigot-idiot-theory.
feel free to bring on another.

p.s.- for those children whose mothers don't have albums or "baby's first steps" journals, it doesn't mean we don't love you, we just have lots of shit to do )


*smerc- you may wanna rethink your fan base. just sayin'

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