Wednesday, March 28, 2012

vogue's p.o.s. mother of the year

dara-lynn weiss, your dinner is served

yeah, i said piece of shit.
if shit is low-cal, dara-lynn weiss will run to add it to the list of acceptable consumables for her daughter, bea.

many believe bea's luck-of-the-sperm birth into a 99%er's dream family will be her boarding pass to the new-elites' american dream. i suggest bea will spend a good deal of her boarding time in an eating disorder recovery facility.

mental health patient and bea
i highly recommend renfrew, on spring lane, in philadelphia.

i cannot in good conscience lay this all at the monolo blahnik's of ms. weiss. IF, and that is a large if,  bea's pediatrician called her obese and instructed ms. weiss to walk-not-run with bea to the nearest weight watcher's meeting, the pediatrician should be reported to the ama or the carpenter's union for being an utter tool.

let's get real - dara-lyn weiss is an egotistical asshat that cannot bear the stigma of a daughter who does not rival a cadaver with her body mass index.
asshat says: One day Bea came home from school in tears, confessing that a boy at school had called her fat. The incident crushed me, but it was a wake-up call. Being overweight is not a private struggle. Everyone can see it.

dara-lynn weiss is also a hypocrit as she stuffs several cookies in her own piehole while restricting bea to one, or none, or 89 push-ups depending on ms. weiss's mood of course.
asshat says:
When she was given access to cupcakes at a party, I alternated between saying, "Let's not eat that, it's not good for you"; "Okay, fine, go ahead, but just one"; "and "Bea, you have to stop eating crap like that, you're getting too heavy," depending on my mood. Then I'd secretly eat two when she wasn't looking.

dara-lynn weiss thinks this is unfair.
asshat says:The struggle is obviously not over. I don't think it will ever be for either of us. Bea understands that, just as some kids have asthma, her weight is something she may always have to think about, unfair as it seems.She will probably always want to eat more than she is supposed to. She will be tempted to make bad choices. But now she has the foundation to make these choices in an educated and conscious way. Only time will tell whether my early intervention saved her from a life of preoccupation with her weight, or drove her to it.

there is nothing shocking when vogue magazine celebrates  the ugliest, beautiful people. vogue magazine is for vapid, self-absorbed asshats who will applaud ms. weiss for her pro-active role in her daughter's health.
that's what vogue readers will say.

renfrew will say your daughter has an eating disorder.
and when the admissions clerk asks you if you have any idea when bea's eating disorder began, you can tell them ms. weiss, it all started with the april issue of vogue.
oh, and great luck with your book.
as a bookseller, yours will be one i seem to misplace all the time.
every time.

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