Saturday, March 31, 2012

lewis black lives in philly in buzz bissinger's house

cmk' saturday wrap up
march 31, 2012

we're here. where's smerconish?
since turning 50, smerc has been wpht-mia a lot. normally, i would be bummed about this; however, not this time.
i found out what buzz bissinger is all about and he is so much more than lights and friday nights! just as i was totally floored by bernie parent when i had the great fortune to attend smerc's book club, , held last month in collingswood, nj - thank you patty pat!
that evening, bernie parent was one of smerc's featured authors, and i admit it - my first thought was, "ugh. hockey." and, it is here and now i must fess up just how wrong i was. and now i want to be bernie's bff.
bernie parent is optimistic and positive and all about balance; very zen. if the dali lama were a tall, hockey-playing cannuck he would be bernie parent.
go flyers!
tell me this buzztweet isn't so lewis black?
well, imagine my surprise when i discovered buzz bissenger was more than pigskin! and the fact that most every other smerc listener hated him made him all the more appealing to contrarian moi!
buzz's sardonic, dry style is very lewis blackish and he pulls no
punches. i might have a  ladycrush on buzz, i'm not sure. friday afternoon, i messaged his fb account with the following:
  • i think it's sorta creepy when fb sends me a message that some total stranger thinks i'm friend material. so, i'm introducing myself before fb sends you that creepy message from me.
    i'm catherine. i'm the one smerc fan that likes your show. you're like lewis black, whose delivery is better than crack.
    anyway, i'm not a football person so i basically ignored the whole 'friday night lights' thing. sorry. you'd ever know i had marshall texas blood in my veins. however, i am now your fan and now we can be friends. but i will never like football.
    it's a win win. peace-
    catherine m.k.

    i patiently waited and sent buzz a friend request after i had given fair and ample warning i was doing so, and having heard no objections after a reasonable amount of time (and not to look anxious or nothin') sent the "omg, i'm pathetic please be my friend" friend request.
    you'll always be my favorite
    saturday, 31 march 2012 - 11:30 am and i have yet to hear back from buzz. but i am like my new hero, bernie parent and i am very, very patient. i will really, really try to not judge sports people any longer. i will.
    i will try.

    and nobody's perfect, let's not forget that when i'm really trying.

    in a nutshell, this week smercsucked due to michael's absence.
    'cept for buzz.
    buzz was freakin' awesome. 

    i think i could wanna go to there


    ps- jesus, even he's balding! i bet he's a flippin' pisces, too.

    this also gives me fair warning eddie vedder may indeed be bald some day. fair warning to you too, edved. i am usually right about these things. just sayin'.

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