Friday, March 30, 2012

olbermann: twit-glutton and karma

oh you be quiet, keith

you freakin' tweet-hog!!
11 (eleven) 144(one hundred and forty-four) character filled tweets!

don't you have some equally bitter webmaster-type person that can put your twit-tirade on a more appropriate format?

that my friend is 'twit-gluttony'.
add glutton to one or two pre-existing deadly sins keith, and welcome to, "hey! you're pretty much fucked!"

for those who have not subjected themselves to olbermann's second scribed bunch of sour grapes, business insider shares keith's twatpology here:

i never paid you any mind when you were on espn doing sport stuff. i did run into you once in starbucks, at 'the commons' in avon, connecticut.
as a philly transplant, i was not expecting much from a dude that drinks starbucks and climbs into a vehicle with connecticut tags, and from that day forward you have always lived up to my philly expectations of you.
of you and connecticut.

never having watched you do sport stuff, (i am risking the ass u me thing, but this is worth the risk) i can't see that snarky attitude of yours workin' around a bunch of manly sports guys. i mighta' had to deck your ass if you acted all whiny on my sports show. ugh.
you were msnbc's original rachel maddow, without the obvious girl-parts; which by the way, is required for snark.
unless you're a gay man, and that is the only exception whatsoever when testosterone can pull of snarky.

plain and simply put, you just don't have the parts. which made it weird to watch you verbally pull bill o'reilly's hair on a nightly basis.
well meow!
but you're a man and men are not supposed to pull hair.
men do a roundhouse to the jaw and knock the other guy out with one perfectly machismo punch, and walk away.
keith, you are a snarky nag in a man's body and i believe your gig is up.
leave it to us pros. thanks!

"thanks keith! now i'm in first place!"


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