Thursday, October 1, 2009

s.i.c. argument #3

 conservatives dont like gay things.

You support gay marriage, right? What do you think about the latest wave of states legalizing it?

I’m not sure about the semantics about the word “marriage,” but I’m supportive of rights extended to same-sex couples. I think it’s bull — that, because I’m married, two guys — what they do has no bearing on my marriage.

My expectation is that [full rights] will happen in the future. I just think that it’s one of those things that over time, it will take place.

many years ago, i objected to same-sex marriage. later i realized my reasons for doing so were lame just shy of embarrassing. there are so many other issues to be legitimately pissed about. i figured my time would be better spent focusing on those, and left the happiness of two fellow human beings alone.
ill leave you with another thought: i cannot name one legitimate, conservative, republican, or right-wing radio talk show host who doesnt oppose gay marriage.

another step closer to proving my point.
im just sayin'.

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