Monday, September 28, 2009

smerconish on muzzling

apparently, the word stalker has nothing BUT negative connotations - it is freaking people out.
consider this:
S: (n) stalk, stalking, still hunt (a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily
and there is this:
S: (v) stalk (walk stiffly)
i did leave out a couple of other words, including prey, ambush, and ex-girlfirend.
clearly, they do not apply here.
which brings me to muzzling.
"muzzled", authored by smerconish, addresses the epidemic currently reducing usually well-spoken people into blithering idiots. words as simple as fat are replaced with "bmi distressed", a criminal is now "behaviorally challenged", and your loser brother who comes home for winter break, formerly known as christmas break, will from here on be referred to as experiencing a phase of "deferred success".
i swear.
go here for a good laugh:
having a conversation with another human being has become verbally impossible for those that buy into the notion they are somehow obligated to babysit every word  so as not to offend someone with the innocent utterance of a sentence like, "oh i love foreign food:!"
didnt you know its called "ethnic cuisine"?

besides, using the word "stalking" is marketing genius! who doesnt love a good stalker stalker story.
im just a pathologically high-spirited, domestic engineer spreading the word.
smerconish is not a conservative.

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