Monday, September 28, 2009

smerconish has a blank on



  • S: (n) civility (formal or perfunctory politeness)
  • S: (n) politeness, civility (the act of showing regard for others) 
michael smerconish and miss manners are both peeved about the noun, civlity.
apparently, there is something about barrack obama that causes some pretty-shitty-etiquette.
joe wilson (r-south carolina) called him a liar. right to his face! on national tv, during a speech even!!
okay, first question: when ISNT barrack obama giving a speech? 
come to think of it, barrack obama is on television more than billy mays. this fact makes it virtually impossible to address him at any other time. plus, its not like rep. wilson spat on the floor; you know, the way people turn their head to the side and spit in disgust after declaring their disdain for the victim of their totally uncivil wrath.
oh wait, i probably should have said "civility challenged".

apparently, george w. bush evoked much the same perfunctory politeness. (see below)

well, in comparison, perhaps youre both right. it was pretty freakin' rude to yell, "you lie". i think wilson should have wandered around outside, brandishing a home-made cardboard sign with the sentiment, "you lie, thank you." and avoid the whole damned broo haha.

I have often seen people uncivil by too much civility, and tiresome in their courtesy.
Michel de Montaigne 

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