Friday, April 6, 2012

donny deutsch's nipples, msnbc, and the death penalty

a man, a girl, and a nipple

the nipple belongs to donny deutsch. initially, it was my intent to use his .com as a introduction, but his page opens with a one minute+ long movie about something worth cheering for, and i was afraid what was being cheered for would end up being donny 'the nipple' deutsch, wasting a full minute+ of perfectly good cheering.
i remember years and years, as in maybe a decade ago, i would briefly park my clicker on a local cable show, featuring deutsch interviewing various people of local interest. totally forget where, i'm thinkin' jersey or philly, it's unimportant. what is important is, watching donny then wasn't completely horrible.
watching donny on 'morning joe', is.
especially this morning, prompting me to compose a letter to 'the nipple'. here goes:
this morning you did look pretty darn dapper. i would even click "like" and give you a big ole faceybook thumbs-up if i could.
stop sign! do not try for dapperer, because as joe said, you will rival mark mackinnon and mark is on the precipice of creepy dapper.
however, ignore all 'sock rules according to scarborough'.
sockless ankles look fine in sperry topsiders, keds, and birks.
hush puppies, not so much.
ok, next topic.
why oh why do you permit these people to just beat the living dignity right the eff out of you
'morning joe'?
a decade ago, i woulda never imagined you a punching bag for the current gold medalist in eye rolling, mika b.
good gawd man, grow a sack and knock it off!
and wtf is wrong with wasps?

p.s. and if this is some cutesy little good dresser/bad dresser banter for the sake of bantering, it isn't cutesy. it means, you will soon grow man boobs and start scheduling mani-pedis.

dear michael eric dyson (msnbc political analyst)-
please don't speak for what "white" people want to hear. i won't tell my friends what you wanna hear, deal?
thank you,

and let me finish, smerc.

dear smerc-
i believe the death sentence is no longer a viable option in a 2012 society. exactly as you stated, michael ross of connecticut, insisted all appeals on his behalf stop, and that he be put to death. he finally received a lethal injection after 17 years of judicial muddling, and only because ross refused to participate in any further appeal.
philadelphia's mumia-abu jamal case has been an appellate cluster-fuck, affording jamal a never-ending appeal circus, while maureen faulkner and her family are afforded another opportunity to be disrespected by a judiciary seated to protect her.
as a nation, we are a litigious society gone absolutely fucking mad. i support term limits for political offices.
i'm not certain i even like scotus sitting until they can't get up.
i definitely do not support the opportunity for anyone, death row or otherwise, the right to appeal to infinity and beyond.
there are limits on everything in life.
and i don't give a forefather's rats ass if it's scotus approved or not.
rules are made, rules are broken, rules are amended.
hope and change.
i support the proposal to eliminate the death penalty in connecticut after all sitting on it, have fulfilled their obligation to the state.
p.s.- wear more purple! it looks fanfuckingtastic on camera.

p.s.s.- and speaking of dead men not walking  -  manson, woah, you are lookin' beat the fuck up!


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