Sunday, March 18, 2012

the vagina monolgues, pt. 1

mr. smerconish-
i will agree this self-imposed 'war on women!' is a HUGE win win for president obama.
now you have to agree with me president obama did a disingeuous cannonball into the catholic church's aspersorium, ok?
good. balance is always good.
and doesn't aspersorium sounds a whole lot like ricksantorum?

as much as no one wants to talk about romneys' post-political career as the potential reigning king of a terrestrial universe, those very same people line up like congregants on sunday with their mouths open wide waiting for a priest to slip a little jesus on their tongues, to beat the catholic crap out of rick santorum.
 (this requires a genuflect, but a tingle works just as well)

while mitt romney was hell-bent on proving he really, really does have human dna, santorum continued to baffle america with his somewhat perplexing, yet undeniably steady increase in delegate support.
santorum was even winning iowa after he lost iowa.
someone stop the misogynist train!!
the solution was obvious - president obama needed to open a can of davinci code and pour some whoop ass on santorum's dogma.

can't touch this...
i will give credit where credit is due.
nothing  fans a national flame like the following two sparks:
1. the federal government stepping on the sovereignty of churches
2. pissing off the vagina
almost symphonic, the white house and mainstream media orchestrated a political dialogue that by all appearances focuses on mitt romneys' uncanny ability to shed brain cells every time he opens his grit-lovin' pie hole.
and if santorum has his way, he will rip your uterus right out of your vagina and force his wife to clean floors with it.

very cunning.
but then president obama is a leo.
so is bill clinton.
and the leo is cunning, but not necessarily cunnilingus.

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