Thursday, March 22, 2012

sharpton, heathers, and hoodies

above all else, my heart breaks for the parents of trayvon martin. so far, the only absolute truth i can accept is, there is no more unimaginable pain or grief than the loss of your child. period.
i am inexpressibly sorry.
al, i hope you will find comfort and solace from those you love during this difficult moment. i am sorry for the loss of your beloved mom.

but i still do not like you, and you should have never stolen her blueberry pie.
ok. now i rant.

a disclaimer-
i will not:
i will not replay events that occurred 3 weeks ago in sanford, fla.
nor will i render my opinion on
events that occurred 3 weeks ago in sanford, fla.
i have a modest legal background, and aside from a few obvious cases that i followed like it was crack, i have finally learned to hold off on judging the guilt or innocence of a defendant, pretrial.
this is not to mean i won't offer opinions, oh no....
i have so many opinions, the dvsm suggests i'm a hoarder.
i reject such nonsense, and the bitching commences.


i joined the chat thread bright and early as usual.
it is my personal car wreck and i just can't look away.
as news of the trayvon martin death spread, the last several days focused less on the gop clusterfuck, and more on the events surrounding the death of this young man.
joe opened the show from his home state of florida, and the first 30 minutes of programming was devoted to this story.

fb's mj chat thread was on fire with opinions, and as opinions go these were far, far, did i say far different than the usual attack, attack, attack behavior. i do believe this is when ann franks' "good" comes out in people as we tone tempers and attempt to tap into verbalizing our "feelings" rather than beat the shit out of each other with our opinions.

it struck me the number of white people who kept pointing out their whiteness when expressing their sorrow in a way that suggests it is somehow odd for a white person to have sorrow over the death of a young, black man.

im old, i'm white, and i care
there were petitions to be signed coordinated by posters who less than 72 hours prior, said to another poster:
ms. links-a-lot: m.s. (a fellow mj poster) would vote for bozo the clown if he was white!
now i am all for the freedom to express yourself, but good gawd how do you say something like THAT and 3 days later start a petition about racial injustice? 
but ms. links-a-lot is also an old white woman in delaware.

from another poster whose name i deleted because i am "fair" to newbies:
name deleted: Don't let up on the Trayvon Martin coverage. People need to know the truth & his family deserves justice. With live from another white middle aged woman in upstate NY.
3 hours ago · Like · 4
to which i reply:

Cat Kerr "newbie"- as if it is weird a white woman would care about this? why mention your race in that post?
3 hours ago · Like · 1
Cat Kerr should you get extra props bc you're a white lady who says you care about a black kid?
why not, i care!

i had pretty much secured my position in the mj shitter for another day after that comment.

which is fine. 
mom! cat's in the toilet again.
i do bring these situations on myself by expressing strong opinions. so a'ight, if you wanna roll, then baby i will verbally roll your ass into a little ball and kick you to the curb; albeit, in the kindest, gentlest way possible because i am zen and you are SO not.white people say the right things when they have to. especially in public, and even MORE especially on a chat thread where they will NEVER be accountable for one damned real thing.
white people sign petitions, join in for a little outrage, donate a few bucks, talk about legislating some new shit to protect minorites, and enjoy long walks on the beach. but when it comes right down to it, white people don't get messy about it.

black people march. they dodge bullets. they get arrested and spend time in jail-
and NOT "occupy jail" where you pretend you just got stoned at woodstock, burned a flag, and spent the night in the pokey with the po po.  
unh uh, black people go to REAL jail where it's hard to get out.
they yell and scream and demand equal protection, representation, and freedom under the same constitution that provides the aforementioned for my old, white lady ass.

let this be a lesson to those who start petitions.
next time, get up off your ass and actually go DO something about something.

hypocrisy at the expense of a young black man, disgusts me. 
and ANYONE who uses  another family's tragedy as an excuse to promote a personal agenda of any kind will be called on it.
this is your opportunity to evolve.
do it.

kind hands have room for everyone
p.s. and i know this is super hard to believe, but, bozo THE clown is not on this ticket.

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