Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word....

as of late, the apology is breaking news.
hln anchor, jane velez mitchell, is yelling at me right now! "a growing AVALANCHE of dirty laundry; letterman being BLACKmailed for TWO MILLION BUCKS!" jane, along with her FABULOUS expert panel, spend the next 15 minutes analyzing lettermans sex drive and subsequent apology. jane and her AMAZING panel come to the conclusion lettermans apology just wasnt good enough and maybe we should chop his head off. as the segment ends, jane bangs her gavel, and pimps her new book, "I WANT". shes an alcoholic and wrote a whole book about it. come to think of it hln's nancy grace, a crime victim, is pimping her book, too. omg, and robin meade had confidence issues and guess what? book! im begining to think hln only hires dysfunctional women who happen to write books.

ever since don imus uttered the phrase, "nappy-headed hoes", the american public has adopted a mob mentality resembling the salem witch trials. with the aid of cable "news", we are privy to every salacious detail. on any given day, someone is apologizing somewhere for something they did or said, so much so i cant recall the last time i heard anyone mention that president obama is black.
we have appointed ourselves the arbitrators of civility. and my, what high standards we have. a slip of the tongue? fire him! an office affair? fire him, then sue for sexual harrassment! if andrea peyser had her way, letterman would be fired, sured, and castrated.
this is like a weird version of, "american idol"; speed-dialing in a vote to determine the fate of the latest screwer-upper. i dont know when the holier-than-thou attitude became so prevalent, or why we suddenly hold celebrities to higher standards than we ourselves hold. sorry is quite easy to say; it is accepting the apology thats hard. glass houses, people.

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