Thursday, October 8, 2009

smerconish on deer condoms

deer condoms?

it is a well-known fact, republicans like shooting stuff.

 you know a conservative would be reeking 2nd amendment havoc all over some bambi ass.

apparently, valley forge has a deer problem.

dr. priscilla cohn, associate director of the oxford centre for animal ethics ( was a guest on the smerconish a.m. show.
dr. cohn doesnt actually suggest putting condoms on the horny bucks of valley forge - which would be worth the price of admission to witness - but instead recommends shooting our randy, doe-eyed friends with a dart full of a sterilizing protein known as pzp. there is talk of a fence, thus protecting the deer and the eco-system in one humane swoop.
dr. cohn has offered to pay all costs for the immunizations and foot the bill for the fence, too.
problem solved!
well, no.
the park people dont like this idea.
one reason cited by a park spokesperson: the fda has not approved use of pzp on wildlife. it might harm the deer.

and this doesnt?

ill end my argument with a quote from park officials: "The deer will be lured by apples and grain and federal employees or contractors will use silencer-equipped rifles to shoot the animals during night hunts. "
sounds fair.
michael smerconish cant be a conservative because he doesnt feel the deer should be shot in such a manner. he compares it to, "a trophy hunt" and  "it's like shooting aimals at the zoo."
s.i.c. #6 successfully argued.

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