Thursday, October 15, 2009

smerconish wants to muzzle jesus!

aka- s.i.c. argument #8

first things first.
a conservative would relish the opportunity to combine america's beloved sport with america's beloved deity. the only thing better? rush limbaugh part owner of st. louis rams.
a conservative clean sweep!
on to business.
was perusing smerconish's

"Must See Of The Day" 


and found his philadelphia daily news piece, titled: "when playbook meets praybook" @

i think joel osteen might take issue with michael's stand on the literal hail mary's, the new-age genuflecting, and the flexing of WWJD tattoos on bulging, finely cut biceps not so subtly combined with pigskin and astroturf.

maybe it's an 'equal time' thing and the devil needs to get some credit for fumbles and interceptions. personally, i have yet to hear a single professional athlete blame satan for coming in third place. in fact, quite often third place gives no credit to god whatsoever, but instead credit goes to the two guys who ran faster and more faster than third.

 a no no----------------------->


 i think kurt warner eyes are asking jesus for a touchdown.

oh! he got it!


the smerconish piece quotes usa today contributor, tom krattenmaker,author of, onward christian athletes: turning ballparks into pulpits and players into preachers. 
"His problem is not with religious athletes but what he sees fueling their frequent public displays of religion.
He observes a movement that "promotes an exclusive theology (and politics) counter to the interests of the majority of us in a religiously, politically diverse America." There is, he writes, an overemphasis on evangelical Christianity and right-wing politics that dominate to the exclusion of other beliefs and worldviews."
 i think krattenmaker is one conspiracy shy of blaming george w. bush.
first, i believe EVERY SINGLE RELIGIOUS DEITY is believed to be, up there. no god walks the earth; theyre ALL up there! mcnabb could easily be giving prop-fingers to allah or vishnu for all we know.
second, krattenmaker is asserting there is a right-wing connspiracy of republican, evangelical christian season ticket holders "taligating for jesus!" and baptising nfl players during half-time.
third, is there a more despised religious group in this country than evangelical christians?
good grief, maybe they just really, really like god.

"I'm just getting on my knees giving my respect to God. I don't see how that's a personal foul or anything like that."
when smerconish is eating hoagies and watching football, he doesnt like all the pda for the big guy up there.
i dont know; might be a bad idea to muzzle jesus.

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