Sunday, October 11, 2009

smerconish hates steven singer

four days every week, my husband and i travel from our home in delaware, to the renfrew center in philly to visit our daughter.
one particular trip, the husband turns down the radio, "who the hell is steven singer? i see that billboard all the time."
"well!", said i.
"i can tell you exactly who he is and why people hate him."
i went on to tell him the history behind the "i hate steven singer" billboard, verbatim, as i  learned of it on the smerconish morning show.
my husband was most impressed with my uncanny knowledge about a random billboard in pennsylvania.
i would like to thank michael smerconish for always keeping me informed of cool things.

go phillies!
also, a plug for the guy we hate. steven singer donated $33,000 to the shanksville, pennsylvania 9-11 memorial fund. i hear he also has some nice jewelry.  (flight 93 memorial fund link)

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