Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh happy day!

s.i.c. #9 -  michael enjoys a good smoke; michael wants legislators to stay out of our smoking business; michael employs a "smoker".
these are not the smoking values of a conservative.


White House issues new medical marijuana policy

this policy in and of itself is harmless. essentially it regurgitates existing state law; blah blah.
what interests me are the consistent "in your face, my bitches!" policies of this administration.
i sat through the passing of a stimulus package that stimulated absolutely nothing to do with me, other than increase my contribution to the federal government to stimulate other people's stuff.
you'd think i would be upset when HSBC closed nearly all its u.s. affiliate offices, immediately handing my white-collared-husband his walking papers, but i was not. you see, our formerly-fabulous taxable income bound for stimulating stuff had just been reduced by $200K and now i might qualify for some stimulating of my own.
as i waited for my piece of the stimulating stuff, i sat through a lot of bailing-outs. i watched as bailing-out kinda really meant, owned by the federal government; which now owned banks, car manufacturers, insurance companies, and lending institutions (who's survival was mandated and limited to lending federally backed loans).
dayum! the feds are covering every freaking base here and i have yet to add stimulated or bailed-out to my vocabulary.
furthermore, the conspirator in me takes issue with the federal government's intrusion into my viewing pleasure by way of mandating i own a digital television or purchase a federally approved tv converter box that is probably tracking what i watch and will eventually control what i see. oh! and the new "everyone in the united states deserves access to the internet" civil right (not) - which does not take into account while the feds are frantically laying nosey-cable wire everywhere, not everyone has access to a damned computer, geniuses.
i suppose we can add, "buy computers" to obama's stimulus things-to-do list.
and there's this:
White House Has Vision of Open Internet, Talkie Boxes 
" to harness the full power of the Internet, and that means faster and more widely available broadband, as well as rules to ensure that we preserve the fairness and openness that led to the flourishing of the Internet in the first place. So today, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is announcing a set of principles to preserve an open Internet in which all Americans can participate and benefit. "
how is it not fair already? or closed? 
im watching all this happen before my eyes and im kinda freaking out a little because the government intrusion into every aspect of my consumer-driven, privacy-loving-ass is being, well constantly intruded.
and now, federal government health care AND not hasseling pot smokers?
maybe im just paranoid.
but if one more person associated with barrack obama quotes chariman mao, im pretty sure we are being taken over by aliens and bats are sure to fly out of my ass.

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